We are working on
sustainability management
with the aim of realizing
a sustainable society.

Our efforts

Introduction of electricity derived from renewable energy, etc.
Introduction of electricity derived from renewable energy, etc.

Changed to “Green Basic Plan” from April 2024.
Carbon-offset electricity generated mainly from thermal power generation with nationwide non-fossil certificates.
Installed properties: Sotetsu Head Office Building and Minamisai 2nd Building (Mobil)

Initiatives towards a recycling-oriented society
Initiatives towards a recycling-oriented society

In Yumegaoka Soratos and the surrounding area, we will implement various initiatives to realize a recycling-oriented society by installing solar panels and using waste generated from facilities as resources. In addition, we will introduce automatic delivery robots that can drive on public roads to solve problems such as labor shortages in the logistics field and pursue convenience for customers. The Sotetsu Group aims to create new value in this area and become a city that embodies a sustainable society by working together with local residents and promoting initiatives for a recycling-oriented society.

List of initiatives


JOINUS aims to be a sustainable facility that continues to provide an attractive shopping environment for customers and a comfortable working environment for staff working at JOINUS, and is actively engaged in SDGs activities under the theme of "GREEN JOINUS".

SDGs initiatives [Futamatagawa Office]

At JOINUS TERRACE/Sotetsu LIFE, we aim to create a facility that is loved by the local community by implementing various initiatives aimed at realizing a sustainable society together with local stakeholders, starting with small things that are familiar to us in our daily lives.

Konandai BIRDS SDGs related event report [Konandai Office]
Konandai BIRDS SDGs related event report [Konandai Office]

Through sustainable products and community activities, Konandai BIRDS works closely with customers and the local community, proposing a lifestyle that connects to the future.

About CS/ES

At our company, we are actively working on
CS and ES to create better SCs.

CS (Customer Satisfaction) initiatives

In order to improve the customer service skills of our staff, each office has a well-planned annual schedule and strives to provide detailed follow-up on a wide range of issues. Additionally, since 2012, we have been actively working to improve CS as a company as a whole, such as by holding the Sotetsu Building Management Customer Service Role Playing Contest.

  • Holding seminars by specialized instructors
  • Store diagnosis & follow-up implementation
  • Implementation of customer service role-playing contest
CS (Customer Satisfaction) initiatives CS (Customer Satisfaction) initiatives
ES (Employee Satisfaction) initiatives

We are making various efforts to improve the workplace environment so that each and every staff member can work comfortably and enthusiastically.

  • Enhanced staff break room and powder room
  • Recommendation of separate smoking areas
  • Holding staff benefit parties (social gatherings, bus trips, etc.)
  • Implementation of store awards
ES (Employee Satisfaction) initiatives ES (Employee Satisfaction) initiatives